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YVB4021HT Multi-Gun Unloader

YVB4021HT Multi-Gun Unloader

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  • Suitable for use with multiple guns at the same time
  • Dynamic seals made up of o-rings and teflon runner
  • Optimized internal passages that guarantee reduced pressure loss
  • No risk of fittings being ejected in case of overpressure because o-rings are positioned upstream to the threads
  • 1/4" FPT fitting for pressure gauge


  • Maximum volume: 21 GPM
  • Minimum adjustable pressure: 400 PSI
  • Maximum Adjustable pressure: 4500 PSI
  • Pressure drop to reset bypass: 32% (This is the pressure reduction necessary in comparison to the set up in order that the valve brings back pressure in the circuit, % figures of the pressure set up)
  • Maximum temperature: 195F. (Unloader is designed to operate at a CONTINUOUS water temperature of 140F. It can be operated for short periods at a maximum temperature of 195F.)
  • Port sizes: 1/2" FPT inlet, discharge and bypass
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs

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