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Wagner PEM-X1-CG

Wagner PEM-X1-CG

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The Wagner PEM-X1-CG is a cup fed powder coating gun solution for lab work or small batch work.

The Wagner PEM-X1-CG is a cup fed powder coating gun set that is perfectly suited for small volumes of powder coating work.  Whether touching up a product or doing a small batch of powder coating work the PEM-X1-CG eliminates hassles of opening a box of powder and priming significant powder coating line distances.

PEM-x1-CG Powder Set

  • Simple plug-in principle for the cup
  • Short and safe paint change times of approximately 15 seconds.
  • Funnel beaker with special geometry
  • The different slope angles ensure constant flow even with difficult  powder types
  • Integrated Venturi feeding principle
  • Very fine and constantly homogeneous dosage dispensing of the powder  quantity
  • The coating parameters are set via the control module
  • All coating-relevant parameters are saved and accessed via the fully electronic control module.


  • 1 piece of cup guns PEM-X1 CG
  • 1 piece Flat Beam Discharge System
  • 1 piece Round Beam Discharge System
  • 4 m pistol cable
  • 1 piece of power cord
  • 1 piece Air Hose Pack (4m)
  • 1 piece of control EPG sprint X
  • Check Valves
  • wedge tool
  • 1 piece Funnel cup with lid (210 cc)
  • 1 piece Operating Instructions (printed)Included

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