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Wagner Powder Coating Control Unit
Wagner EPG Sprint X Powder Gun Control Unit

Wagner EPG Sprint X Powder Gun Control Unit

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WAGNER Air Flow Control (AFC) guarantees exact powder control and optimal coating results. A high precision, closed loop regulation cycle measures and regulates the air pressure constantly to obtain continuous values.

Easy to locate control elements provides intuitive operation during daily work. The intelligent control unit EPG-Sprint X can easily be adjusted to any requirements due to numerous adjustment-possibilities

EPG-Sprint X offers direct access to the most used settings and can save up to 50 coating programs. This is how you achieve highest quality and reproducibility.

The logical arrangement of the different control parts supports the daily operation. All parameters are always identifiable and guarantee a controlled coating process.

  • Intuitive, easy handling
  • Modular and expandable
  • Maximum precision through closed loop regulation

The Wagner EPG Sprint X is the control unit for automatic and manual Wagner Powder Coating Guns

The EPG Sprint X Powder Control Unit is used for all automatic and manual Wagner Powder Coating Guns. It allows for precision powder gun control and user interface yielding predictable powder coating results.


  • Optimal arrangement of the operating elements
  • Self-explanatory and intuitive operation, short training periods
  • Storage and retrieval of programs with all coating parameters
  • Exact and reproducible settings and their precise output

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