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Trimaco Masking Film White 12" x 180' (Sold by 12's)

Trimaco Masking Film White 12" x 180' (Sold by 12's)

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Embossed Masking Plastic is specially treated to attract paint overspray with no flaking. The strong film makes painting trim and molding easier and faster. Durable 1mil plastic is clear to let light in and provides great bleed-through protection. Can be used with most hand-masking devices, including Easy Mask® QM5000 PRO™.

Product information:

  • Works great with tape applicators/maskers
  • Clings to surface for easy application
  • Lets light in when used on windows
  • Attracts overspray and reduces flaking
  • Use printed side out
  • Use to protect surfaces from paint drips, overspary and dust
  • For use on interior or exterior products with most type a oil or latex paint
  • Makes painting easier, cleaner and faster

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