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Titan Impact 740 Airless Sprayer Review

Titan Impact 740 Airless Sprayer Review & Overview (Includes Video)

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Purchasing an airless sprayer is often a large investment, properly reviewing options can help ensure you choose an airless sprayer that will meet your businesses needs for both now and the potential future. The Titan Impact 740 Airless Sprayer is a good airless sprayer choice for a variety of uses, our in depth review of the Titan Impact 740 will help you decide if it?s the right airless sprayer for you. Will cover the types of material it can spray, the durability of the unit, and more. [embed][/embed]

What You Can Spray With a Titan Impact 740

The Impact 740 sprayer provides up to 0.8 gallons per minute of fluid delivery. With a fluid devliery of 0.8 gallons per minute the Impact 740 can support up to a 29 thousands tip size. A 29 thousands tip can spray material up to an elastomeric coating (which is about as thick of paint as there is). While the unit is able to support a large tip, it does have a pressure limitation of 3300 psi, which for thick paints may not be a sufficient amount of pressure to spray a thicker material well. You can verify if 3300 psi is sufficient for a potential paint you spray on the coatings technical data sheet where a pressure range will be provided for spraying.  

Titan Impact 740 Design

The unit features a LED style pressure adjustment gauge, which is less sophisticated than other displays that are offered on other sprayers that show the exact pressure you are spraying at. It has a fast change fluid section, which can allow you to store a spare fluid section and quickly change a fluid section that needs repaired preventing you from having down time. The motor is a 2 horse power brushless motor, brushless motors are designed for longer use and slower wear. The high GPM of the unit keeps the fluid section moving less frequently than smaller units, which can help prolong times between needing repacking or similar repairs.  

Best Uses for the Titan Impact 740

The large GPM output of the unit makes the Impact 740 great for large volume work up to 200 gallons per week of spraying. The ability to support a large tip size makes it versatile in how thick of paint it can spray. However if your primary aim is thicker material the 740 may not be as ideal as an air powered or gas powered airless will tend to perform better as a gas or pneumatic motor will be able to handle the heavier work load a thicker paint requires, additionally gas and pneumatic airless sprayers will be offered in higher psi designs which can be important for thicker materials to spray well.

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