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Powermate Tools Inline Twin Cylinder Pump 3.1 RHP

Powermate Tools Inline Twin Cylinder Pump 3.1 RHP

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Powermate 040-0426RP Universal Replacement Single Stage Inline Twin Cylinder Oil Lubricated Pump - 3.1 RHP is designed to provide maximum performance and efficiency. This twin cylinder pump has a cast iron crankcase and aluminum head and valve plate to dissipate heat. The pump offers reliable stainless steel reed valves and automotive style ball bearings. The flywheel and filters are included.

  • Universal Replacement for Single Stage 3.1-RPH Inline Twin Cylinder Air Compressor Pump
  • CFM Ratings: 12.3 at 40 / 10.3 at 90
  • Aluminum Head and Valve Plate Help Dissipate Heat
  • Features Automotive Style Ball Bearings
  • Flywheel and Filters are Included


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