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Powermate Tools Air Body Saw

Powermate Tools Air Body Saw

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Powermate Vx 024-0294CT Air Body Saw is perfect for precision cutting sheet metal, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass and even sheetrock. It features a ball bearing mounted air motor and a lightweight aluminum housing, as well as fully hardened planetary gearing. The hand grip is designed for comfortable use and has a safety lock trigger. This saw offers front exhaust to direct dust away from your work space. Both 1-24T and 1-32T blades, as well as 2 wrenches are included. The operating pressure is 90 PSI and the NPT air inlet is 1/4-inch. Powermate is one of the world's leading brands of portable and standby electric generators, air compressors, water pumps, air tools, pressure washers, and accessories.

  • Includes 1-24T and 1-32T Blades and 2 Wrenches
  • Features Comfortable Grip and Safety Lock Trigger
  • Operating Pressure of 90 PSI
  • Lightweight Aluminum Housing
  • Front Exhaust Directs Dust Away from Work Place

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