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Powermate Tools 1/4" Regulator with 1/8" Gauge Port

Powermate Tools 1/4" Regulator with 1/8" Gauge Port

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The Powermate pressure regulator is part of the line of Powermate genuine replacement parts. The pressure regulator allows the user to adjust the air compressor pressure depending on the air tool being used. The Powermate pressure regulator lets the correct amount of air pressure come through the hose to the air tool for maximum tool performance.

  • 1/4-Inch NPT inlet/outlet by 1/8-Inch NPT gauge
  • The Powermate pressure regulator customizes the compressor to fit the specific air requirement each job and air tool have
  • Replace non working or broken compressor pressure regulators with the Powermate pressure regulator
  • Powermate pressure regulator is long lasting and durable

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