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K'A'RCHER Fleet Trailer Cleaner, 5-gal

K'A'RCHER Fleet Trailer Cleaner, 5-gal

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Fleet Trailer Cleaner

Fleet Trailer Cleaner is a concentrated, non-etching, acidbased detergent formulated to quickly penetrate and remove grease, grime, dirt, road film and welding smut from polished aluminum and stainless steel surfaces. It shines aluminum and stainless steel by removing the oxidation that dulls those surfaces.


  • Combination Cleaner and Brightener
  • Use on Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Restore Shine

Dilution Ratio: Ready To Use

Directions: INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY. Read the Safety Data Sheet thoroughly before using this product. Apply undiluted using a low pressure sprayer (pH 1.1 as is). Then rinse with a hot or cold water pressure washer from the bottom up followed by a final rinse from the top down. Never apply Fleet Trailer Cleaner to a hot surface.

Technical Data
Color: Clear
Fragrance: Lemon
Foam 1-5: 3 = Medium
Reaction in Hard Water 1-5: 4 = Good
pH at Full Strength: 1.12
pH at Use Dilution: N/A

HMIS Safety Rating: Health 2
HMIS Safety Rating: Flammability 1
HMIS Safety Rating: Reactivity 0
Personal Protective Equipment B

Kosher Certified for use year round, not including Passover.
Smog & Ozone in accordance with AQMD Rule 102, this product contains 0% photo-chemically reactive ingredients to contribute to smog or attack the earth’s ozone layer.
VOC. This product contains 1.0% California Consumer Products VOC.

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