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K'A'RCHER Concrete Cleaner, 5-gal
K'A'RCHER Concrete Cleaner, 5-gal

K'A'RCHER Concrete Cleaner, 5-gal

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Concrete Cleaner

Concrete Cleaner is formulated to clean stone and concrete surfaces. It is effective in removing oil, grease, baked-on carbon, tar and asphalt from unfinished concrete floors, walls and grout. Concrete Cleaner is engineered to pass through a pressure washer without damaging the high-pressure pump. It is safe to use on aluminum, stainless steel, glass, plastic and painted surfaces. This formula is phosphate-free and outperforms
most competitive phosphate products.


  • Removes Tough, Ground-in Soils
  • Improves the Appearance of Building Walkways
  • Environmentally Friendly – Phosphate Free

Dilution Ratio: 1:150, 5 gallons makes 755 gallons

To Apply: Spray diluted solution on surface and allow to penetrate, but not dry. Apply detergent from the bottom up and rinse from the top down.

Directions: INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY. Read the Safety Data Sheet thoroughly before using this product. For general use, mix with water at a 1:150 dilution rate (pH 10.4 at dilution). Adjust dilution depending on severity of cleaning situation. Pre-treat stubborn areas with a concentrated solution. Less detergent is needed when applied with a hot water pressure washer.

Technical Data
Color: Yellow
Scent: Citrus
Foam 1-5: 5 = High
Reaction in Hard Water 1-5: 5 = Best
pH at Full Strength: 12.3
pH at use Dilution(1:150 ratio): 10.4

Personal Protective Equipment B
HMIS Safety Rating: Health 2
HMIS Safety Rating: Flammability 1
HMIS Safety Rating: Reactivity 0

Kosher Certified for use year round, not including Passover.
Smog & Ozone in accordance with AQMD Rule 102, this product contains 0% photochemically reactive ingredients to contribute to smog or attack the earth’s ozone layer.
VOC. This product contains 0% California Consumer Products VOC.

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