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K'A'RCHER Auto Wash 5-gal
K'A'RCHER Auto Wash 5-gal

K'A'RCHER Auto Wash 5-gal

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Auto Wash

Auto Wash is a blend of ingredients formulated to provide a low-foaming detergent for safe removal of dirt and grime found on most vehicles. It is formulated to reduce water spots caused by hard water leaving a higher shine than most products. Auto Wash can pass through a pressure washer without damaging the high pressure pump and is safe to use on aluminum, stainless
steel, glass, plastic, paint and fine automotive finishes.


  • Fast, Effective Removal of Soil
  • Environmentally Friendly – Phosphate-Free
  • Leaves a Higher Shine - Reduced Water Spots

Dilution Ratio: 1:128, 5 gallons makes 655 gallons

To Apply: Spray diluted solution on surface and allow to penetrate, but not dry. Apply detergent from the bottom up and rinse from the top down.

Compatible Machines

AP 100/50 M
Bardenas Series
HD 1.8/13 C Ed
HD 2.0/1000 Dual Mister
HD 2.0/1000 Dual Mister Cart
HD Cabinet
HD Cart
HD Denali High Flow Series
HD Hand Held
HD Mid Class
HD Mid Class Cage Series
HD PB Cart
HD PB/PeB/D Cage
HD Roll Cage
HD Series Electric
HD Series Gas
HD Special Class
HD Super Class
HD Wall Mounted
HDS Cabinet
HDS Cage
HDS Compact Class
HDS Hand Truck
HDS Heater
HDS Mid Class
HDS P/Pe Cage
HDS Special Class
HDS Super Class
HDS Upright Class
Jalapao Series
Jarvis Series
Pro HD 400
Sechura NG/LP Series
TRK-2500 HDS 4.7/35 trailer system
TRK-2500 trailer system
TRK-6000 trailer system
Tabernas Series
Teton Series
Tule Series HDS 3.5/40 GE MT
HD 1.8/13 C Ed
HD 2.5/27 P ATV
HD 3.1/31 P
HD 4.0/36 P
HD Compact Class
HDS 5.6/35 De Cage
HDS 801-4 E
HDS Pe Cage
Heater 4.2/30
TRK-3500 trailer system


Kosher Certified for use year round, not including Passover.
Smog & Ozone in accordance with AQMD Rule 102, this product contains 0% photochemically reactive ingredients to contribute to smog or attack the earth’s ozone layer.
VOC. This product contains 0.004% California Consumer Products VOC at 1:128 ratio.

Part No. 8.698-143.0
Size 5 gal
Gross weight 48 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) inches 12.5 x 12.5 x 15
Color Purple
Scent Slight Detergent
Foam 1-5 1 = Low
Reaction in Hard Water 1-5 5 = Best
pH at Full Strength 10.2
pH at Use Dilution (1:128 Ratio) 9.6
Safety HMIS Safety Rating: Health 1
HMIS Safety Rating: Flammability 1
HMIS Safety Rating: Reactivity 0
Personal Protective Equipment B

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