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Clean Rooms

Global Finishing Solutions Clean Rooms

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Global Finishing Solutions meet or exceed National Standards .  They are offered in a variety of sizes to meet your project needs.  Please specify project needs on quote request.

Global Finishing Solutions Clean Rooms are Designed to meet or exceed National Standards they are designed with the following features.

  • 2" thick 3-ply sandwich wall panel system with dual skin insulated panel construction.
  • The ceiling is provided with solid panels, light panels with lights and tubes.
  • The filtered air recirculation plenum provides evenly distributed air at low velocity.
  • Structural steel frames for supporting HVAC units and conveyor systems.
  • Effectively isolates the room from the external factory environment.
  • Recirculated air supplied to room will be forced to the return air plenums; this air will have sufficient velocity to inhibit incoming factory air.
  • The factory air will be captured by the filter plenums, through the air handler, and filtered a second time as it is returned to the room.
  • Operations can continue without large temperature swings and outside contaminants that may affect production.
  • Safe and efficient working environment.
  • Climate controlled.
  • Insulated panel construction.
  • With or without conveyor openings.

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