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Cyclone A4800 Large Sandblasting Cabinet
Cyclone A4800 Large Sandblasting Cabinet
Cyclone A4800 Large Sandblasting Cabinet

Cyclone A4800 Large Sandblasting Cabinet

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If you are looking to buy a large sandblaster cabinet? Don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want a good sandblast cabinet? The A4800 is often considered the best large sandblasting cabinet for the money. This sandblaster cabinet comes with two large side doors. Thus making parts easy to access while working inside the cabinet. Additionally, the cabinet construction is welded 16 gauge steel and sealed. Welded steel is important because the unit is sturdy and strong. As a result, it can hold heavy parts. The A4800 large sandblasting cabinet comes complete with a foot pedal operated sandblast gun and ceramic nozzle. As a result, user fatigue is reduced during prolonged blasting periods.

Large Sandblaster Cabinet Features
The A4800 is a flexible abrasive sand blasting cabinet. It offers tremendous room for a variety of parts from small to large. Easy opening dual side doors offer convenient and east access to the work. The side doors are located on the right and left side and are constructed of the same steel as the cabinet. Also included with the A4800 large sandblaster cabinet are comfortable rubber blast gloves that protect your hands. They also are long enough to easily reach around inside the sandblast cabinet. As a result, you don’t have to open the side doors to manipulate parts.

Sandblast Dust Collector Included
The A4800 sandblasting cabinet includes our powerful DC-1500 sandblast dust collector. The DC-1500 produces a powerful 90 CFM and works perfectly to keep visibility clear inside the blast cabinet. The cabinet comes with a light receptacle and on/off switch. The switch controls an additional receptacle for the included sandblast dust collector. Therefore, you control the entire cabinet with one easy on/off switch location on the cabinet.

Abrasive Media Options
This large sandblasting cabinet uses abrasive media like white or brown aluminum oxide, glass beads, silicon carbide, or blasting garnet. We supply a full catalog of abrasive media. We do not recommend steel shot and under no circumstances should you ever use sand in an abrasive cabinet. Read more here to learn about the dangers of using sand (silicosis) in an abrasive blasting cabinet. Sandblasting Safety

Cyclone Cabinets are the Best Buy for the Money
Our large sandblasting cabinets are the best for the money. Why? First, they are Made in the USA. We use high quality steel, robot and hand weld, and ensure each cabinet works as good as it looks. Second, our sandblast cabinets come fully assembled. Don’t spend hours bolting on legs, doors, and lids. Finally, our customer service is always ready to help. Whether you have a question about what abrasive to use or how to connect the air.

WARNING:   This cabinet is constructed from steel.  In accordance with proposition 65 we are complying by indicating that steel has been known to contain Nickel.  Nickel is a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to



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