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Clemco Cap 4 Ambient Air Pump

Clemco Cap 4 Ambient Air Pump

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Clemco Ambient air pump feeds 4 operators air from a clean environment with its oil less design.

Requirements for Operation
The following items are required for operation, but are not included with this equipment:
• Compressed air supply between 30 and 70 cfm (depending upon the type and number of respirators used) capable of producing at a minimum of 85 psi with respirators connected, not to exceed 100 psi
• One to four NIOSH-approved low-pressure, type CE supplied-air respirators or up to six full face masks, approved to operate at 10 psi or less, and suitable for the application
• Appropriate approved respirator hose(s)
• Output from the ambient air pump must meet the standard for Grade D breathing air, as defined by the Compressed Gas Association Commodity Specification: G-7.1 (


• Supplies air for up to four blast operators wearing type CE helmets or up to six operators wearing full face masks
• Eliminates the expense of separate compressor for breathing air
• Uses compressed air for power; works where no electric power is available
• Eliminates danger of carbon monoxide poisoning caused when high temperatures break down compressor’s lubricants
• Requires no temperature alarms or additional air line filters
• Works with Clemco’s CO Monitor Alarm (when specifications call for air monitoring)
• Model CAP-4C includes integral two-wheel cart and extendable handle
• Protective cage (both models) shields critical components from damage
• Easy to operate and maintain
• Can serve as air source for other respirators that operate at 9 cfm at 10 psi

Available Literature:
21998 - CAP-1 Ambient Air Pump (Single Operator)
21999 - CAP-4 Ambient Air Pump (Four Operator)

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