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Clemco ACV Respirator Air Control Valve

Clemco ACV Respirator Air Control Valve

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Control the air flow to your respirator hood to maximize comfort during sandblasting!

The Clemco air control valve (ACV) allows the blast operator to control the volume of air to the Clemco high-pressure Type CE, continuous flow, air-fed respirator within a preset range of 7 to 15 cfm.

Requirements for Operation
15 cfm at 85 to 100 psi of Grade D quality breathing air as defined by the Compressed Gas Association Commodity Specification: G-7.1. (
Pressure requirements vary with hose length.
025 ft - 100 ft    85 psi
125 ft - 200 ft    90 psi
225 ft - 300 ft    95 psi


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