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Clemco 2 cu ft Low Pressure (LP) Contractor Blast Pot Package
Clemco 2 cu ft Low Pressure (LP) Contractor Blast Pot Package

Clemco 2 cu ft Low Pressure (LP) Contractor Blast Pot Package

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Clemco Contractor Blast Machine Model 2016 Low Pressure (LP) Breathing Air System Complete Package, 2 cu ft - 200lbs. 

The 2 cu ft contractor blast machine holds 2 cubic feet (approximately 200 lbs.) of abrasive blast media. This portable LP blast machine package comes with a Manual Quantum Valve (MQV) and Millennium Remote Control System. If using a No. 4 (1/4-inch) blast nozzle, you can expect approximately 30 minutes of productive blasting at 80 psi.

Manual Quantum Valve

The MQV is an easily adjustable, manually operated, abrasive metering valve that can be used with all common blast media.

Millennium Inlet/Outlet Valve

The Millennium Inlet/Outlet valve is a two-part remote control valve that controls the pressurization

and depressurization of contractor blast machines.

Package Details

This high-performance and versatile low pressure (LP) blast machine package can remove contamination, corrosion, mill scale, and coatings from most surfaces with a design intended to be convenient and efficient for use in the field. The included LP package provides everything necessary to begin blasting with an ambient air pump (to be used with included LP Apollo 600LP DLX respirator).


  1. 2 cu ft contractor blast machine
  2. 1-1/2" Millennium valve 
  3. Quantum abrasive metering valve
  4. 50 ft x 1" Supa blast hose, coupled CQPS-1 nylon coupling & NHP-1 nylon nozzle holder 
  5. TMP-4 contractor nozzle
  6. Blast hose safety cable
  7. 1" Air filter/moisture separator w/manual drain
  8. 16" recessed blast machine screen 
  9. Apollo 600 LP DLX helmet with DLX comfort-fit suspension and constant flow connector 
  10. 50 ft x 1/2" respirator hose
  11. Leather gloves
  12. Helmet outer lenses, pkg. of 25
    Helmet intermediate lenses, pkg. of 5
  13. Nylon ties, (8 provided)
  14. 50 ft twinline hose
  15. RLX pneumatic handle
  16. Abrasive trap
  17. Flexible pusher line
    (-) All-weather machine cover (polyethelene bag)
    (-) Quick coupling gaskets, pkg. of 10
    (-) Nozzle washers, pkg. of 10
    (-) Abrasive trap screens, 6 ea

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