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Clemco 1-cu-ft High Pressure HP Classic Blast Machine
0.5 CUFT & 1 CUFT Classic Blast Machine Package with Apollo LP
Manual Sand Valve

Clemco 01039 1 Cubic Foot Blast Machine Packages with 1/2” piping 10” diameter Manual Sand Valve Sandblast Pots - Apollo HP SaFety Gear

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Clemco Classic Blast Machine Model 1042, HP Package is a High Pressure Breathing Air System, Portable, 1 cuft - 100lbs., with 1/2" Piping.
The 1 cuft classic blast machine holds 1 cubic foot (approximately 100 lbs.) of abrasive blast media. This small, one-man portable blast machine has ½” piping and comes with a Manual Sand Valve (MSV) and remote control system. This high-performance and versatile high pressure blast machine package is an economic way to remove contamination, corrosion, mill scale, and coatings from most surfaces. If using a No. 1 (1/4-inch) blast nozzle, you can expect approximately 15 minutes of productive blasting at 80 psi.

Manual Sand Valve

The MSV can be used to meter expendable, mineral slag abrasives and is not recommended for use with fine-mesh or glass.

Remote Controls

Included with this blast pot is the TLR-50 remote control system. This pressure-release style control system provides the operator start/stop control at the nozzle and allows the blast machine to depressurize for refilling when the control handle is released.

Package Details

The included high pressure (HP) breathing air package provides everything necessary to begin blasting with an air compressor (to be used with the included HP respirator).

0.5 CUFT & 1 CUFT Classic Blast Machine Package with Apollo LP


  • TLR-50 remote controls (includes 10565 RLX handle) 02518 
  • MSV 1/2” abrasive metering valve 01247 
  • 25 ft. X 1/2” ID blast hose, coupled 01268
  • CHE-1/2 aluminum nozzle holder (included in 01268) 00577
  • CQA-1/2 aluminum quick coupling (included in 01268) 00599 
  • Blast hose safety cable 15012 
  • 1/2” Air filter with manual drain 01308 
  • CT-4 blast nozzle 01353 
  • Blast machine screen (optional steel cover) 03362 (03107) 
  • Nylon tie (eight included with system) 02195 (each) 
  • Apollo 20 HP DLX helmet with Constant Flow Connector 20975 
  • 25 ft respirator hose 04397
  • CPF-20 Breathing air filter 03578 
  • One pair leather gloves 02243 
  • One 25-pack Apollo 20 outer lens 21411
  • One 10-pack quick coupling gaskets 00850
  • One 10-pack nozzle washers 21580
  • Outlet valve diaphragms (three included with system) 02511 (each)

The MSV is a manual valve suited for expendable media; it is used on our 1/2-
and 1-cubic foot machines.

Manual Sand Valve

(-) MSV Metering Valve .... 01247 
1. MSV top casting ............ 01258 
2. Gasket, valve body........ 01260 
3. Metering plate & stem ... 01261 
4. O-ring............................. 00794
5. Pin, spring...................... 01263 
6. Washer, nylon................ 01266 
7. MSV bottom casting ...... 01259 
8. Spring, 17/32” OD X 1”.. 02178 
9. MSV Handle................... 01262 
10. Cap screw, 5/16-NC x 1-3/4”.... purchase locally
11. Nut, 5/16-NC hex... purchase locally

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