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Binks 80-600 SG-2 Plus 2 Qt. Pressure Cup (Standard)
Pressure Cup (Standard)
Binks 80-600 SG-2 Plus 2 Qt. Pressure Cup

Binks 80-600 SG-2 Plus 2 Qt. Pressure Cup (Standard)

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Binks SG-2 Plus Pressure Cup is ideal for component spraying and industrial applications where small batch production spraying is required. The 2 qt. capacity is sufficient to complete large spray jobs without refilling the cup. Its lightweight and rugged construction is excellent for portability allowing the operator to make fluid and air control adjustments quickly and efficiently at the spray station

The internal construction is designed for waterborne and solvent base materials.

Features Includes

  • Stainless steel pick-up tube, fluid fittings and removable plastic liner makes it corrosion resistant.
  • “Wide-mouth” opening allows easy cleaning, plastic liner removal and quick color change.
  • Positive grip carrying handle for operator comfort.
  • Wide stainless steel base for stability and corrosion resistance.
  • 0-10 psig fluid pressure range.
  • Optional 0-50 psig pressure kit (80-619) available for high viscosity fluids.
  • Fluid agitator on model 80-601 for paints requiring continuous agitation.
  • Silverstone® coating on interior and exterior of lid.

Prop 65 Warning!
All air and fluid pressure in the system must be relieved before servicing the cup and before cup is filled or cleaned. Attempting to service the cup while pressurized could result in damage to components or personal injury.


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