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10 gallon paint pressure tank

Binks 183G 5 Gallons ASME Galvanized Carbon Steel Pressure Tank - No Regulator & No Agitator

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Binks 5 Gallon Pressure Tank, Galvanized, No Regulator, No Agitator

Binks pressure feed tanks are intended for use as a pressure container to supply material at a constant preset pressure up to a maximum of 110 psi. The tanks are built to ASME specifications. Also certified for vacuum operation.

Mix and prepare material to be used according to manufacturer’s instructions. Strain material through a fine mesh screen to remove lumps, skin, and foreign matter that might enter and clog fluid passages and/or spray equipment.

Follow pressure relief procedure above. To add material to the tank, remove the lid and pour directly into the tank or container.

If desired, a U.S. or metric 1 gallon pail of fluid can be placed directly into the tank.

Replace the lid assembly and tighten thumb screws securely.
The air supply to the tank should include a filter/water separator to filter dirt from the air and remove water and oil.

Connect the material hose to the fluid outlet ball valve.


  1. Close the air inlet valve to tank. Turn handle on regulator counterclockwise until spring tension is relieved.
  2. Turn on air supply to the tank.
  3. Open the air inlet valve to the tank.
  4. Open the fluid outlet valve.
  5. Turn handle on tank pressure regulator clockwise to pressurize tank.
  6. Turn on atomization air to spray gun at source of supply.
  7. Test spray. For further instructions consult literature provided with spray gun.
  8. f an air motor driven agitator is used, start the agitator by slowly opening up the needle valve. Air motor speed should be regulated according to the nature of the material being agitated.

To clean equipment, proceed as follows:

  1. Turn off the air supply.
  2. Follow the pressure relief procedure.
  3. Turn T-handle adjusting screw on tank fluid pressure regulator counterclockwise until no spring pressure is felt.
  4. Loosen thumb screws, tip clamps back and tip lid to one side of tank. Do not remove lid from tank.
  5. Loosen spray gun air cap retaining ring about three turns.
  6. Turn on air supply.
  7. Cup cloth over air cap on the gun and pull trigger. This will force material back through the hose into the tank.
  8. Empty and clean tank and parts that come into contact with material. Use a solvent compatible with material being used.
  9. Pour solvent into tank.
  10. Replace lid and tighten thumb screws and clamps.
  11. Spray until clean solvent appears.
  12. Repeat steps 4 through 8.

LUBRICATION – Agitated Models
Refer to the service manual provided with the air motor for lubrication information.

The bearings in the agitator bearing assembly are impregnated with special non-gumming oil. Additional lubrication is not required.

The agitator shaft seal does not require lubrication.

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