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Binks 1" Gemini II aluminum and stainless Diaphragm Pump

Binks Gemini II - 1" Aluminum Body - Stainless Steel Balls/Seats - PTFE Diaphrams

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Binks Gemini II Diaphragm Pumps are the premier pumps for spraying, transferring, or circulating a variety of coatings. the pump design provides consistent spray patterns for high quality finish applications. The Gemini II pumps are rugged and designed to provide longer pump life.


  • Pumps Shear-Sensitive Materials
    Low internal velocities and gentle pumping action does not shear coating
  • Pumps High to Low Viscosity Material
  • Seal-Less
    No mechanical seals or packing to leak
  • Runs Dry without Damage or Heat Build-up
    No internal damage
  • Variable Flow and Pressure
    Regulate the inlet air supply to adjust the pump flow from zero to maximum rated capacity
  • Fully Groundable
  • CE and ATEX Certified


The Binks Gemini II Diaphragm Pumps are ideal for variety of materials and viscosities. Gemini II pumps can be used in applications including Wood, General Metal Fabrication and Adhesives.

Capable of delivering up to 45 Gallons Per Minute the Binks 1″ Diaphragm pump is a great solution

The 1 Inch BInks Stainless steel diaphragm pump is well suited for corrosive materials and high volume fluid delivery needs. Rated at a maximum delivery of 45 GPM.

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