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BendPak MLS-18 Mobile Jack Stand (18,000-lb. Capacity)

BendPak MLS-18 Mobile Jack Stand (18,000-lb. Capacity)

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The MLS-18 Mobile Jack Stand is a support stand used to support raised, heavy-duty vehicles for inspection and maintenance procedures while typically on a two-post lift. The MLS-18 was designed to help balance the weight of heavy-duty commercial grade vehicles which maneuvers easily in place to provide additional support when a vehicle’s center-of-balance might shift. 

The MLS-18 support stand is designed to be used in sets of four (4), six (6) or eight (8), and must be placed under a level, raised vehicle at the designated support points. Each Mobile Jack Stand has an 18,000-lb. weight capacity and are over-designed to withstand heavy use, giving peace of mind while you work.


  • 18,000-lb. capacity

  • Equipped with a foldaway transport handle

  • Tripod design evenly distributes weight under load

  • Can be easily moved and placed under a vehicle by means of two 3" diameter wheels

  • 9 pin positions

  • Each leg is equipped with an 11 sq. in. floor pad

  • Adjustable from 48.75" to 74.5"

  • 1" diameter self-locking ACME screw for fine adjustment of the stand height

  • Center tube is spring-assisted to facilitate adjustment of the stand

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