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BendPak 2" Adapter Pin 2-Post Low Adapter (60mm Pin)

BendPak 2" Adapter Pin 2-Post Low Adapter (60mm Pin)

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Adapter Pins are excellent for altering the height of your two-post lift to reach even the most challenging lifting points on your vehicle. When combined with other two-post lift accessories, Adapter Pins help customize your lift height to fit your specific needs and it can also be combined with any BendPak accessory with a 35mm or 60mm pin, giving you an endless range of customization. Low Adapter Pins extend the height of your lift pad by 2” helping you find the right height for each job. Adapter Pins are a must-have accessory for any tech working on a variety of projects.

  • Sold in sets of 4

  • 35 mm or 60 mm pin

  • 2" low adapter for BendPak two-post lifts

  • Fits screw pad assembly

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