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3/4 HP Air Stirrer & Propeller Package with Stand

3/4 HP Air Stirrer & Propeller Package with Stand

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This stirrer package includes an air drive head (model AS2AM), a 1/2" x 15" stainless steel shaft, a 4" 3-blade propeller (model MP450), a mixer support clamp (model BL426) and a 36" tall mixer support stand with a 14" x 16" base (model IAX-23). The air drive head is lightweight and offers variable speed for mixing solvents or other flammable materials with less risk than electric models. The rod and ring bracket allows the user to mount the drive head on a stand when used with the support clamp. The adjustable chuck mounts to the motor shaft with set screws and accepts up to a 1/2" mixing shaft. The 3/4 HP air motor provides maximum agitation when supplied with 100 PSI @ 30 CFM. See our air motor chart for performance data. This unit is rated for medium usage with a maximum torque of 26 in-lbs. It features a Gast air motor which is known for its rugged construction and reliability. Variable speed with air motors provides flexibility for mixing in multiple applications. Air motors are also lighter weight than our electric models. Non-electrical operation reduces the possibility of explosion in a combustible environment.





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