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18" Tube Axial Paint Booth Fan Less Motor
18" Tube Axial Paint Booth Fan Less Motor

18" Tube Axial Paint Booth Fan Less Motor

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PAINT BOOTH FANS - (fit for 3/4HP Single Phase/Three Phase & Standard/Explosion proof motor)

GFS’ tube axial fans are the ideal choice for installations with straight-through airflow in ducted or non-ducted systems. The tube axial fans are designed for commercial and industrial applications in which low to medium air volumes are required at lower pressures. Units come pre-assembled and include variable-pitch motor sheaves for maximum operating efficiency and on-site adjustment.

Part no. ATA-18
A. Inside Dim 18.25"
B.  Mounting Bolt 19.50"
C.Outside Dim. 21.00"
D. Ring to Ring  18" 

Performance shown is for installation type B: free inlet, ducted outlet. Power rating (BHP) does not include drive losses. Performance ratings do not include the effects of appurtenances in the airstream. This product is certified to bear the AMCA seal for air performance.

Sound pressure range listed is A-weighted at a distance of 5 feet from the fan with a directivity factor of Q=2 (hemispherical radiation) and has been tested per AMCA standard 303. The range covers the minimum and maximum air performance points shown. Lowest sound pressure level is for the lowest airflow rate (CFM) at the lowest static pressure (SP). Highest sound pressure level is for the highest airflow rate (CFM) at the highest static pressure (SP).

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