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1/2" FPT Zinc Coated Steel Socket - FOSTER Double Shut-off QC

1/2" FPT Zinc Coated Steel Socket - FOSTER Double Shut-off QC

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Series "DS" sockets incorporate valves in both the socket and plug halves to prevent fluid loss when the socket is disconnected. These sockets are normally referred to as "hydraulic couplings", but they are used extensively with other media. Series "DS" couplings are Industrial interchangeable and operationally interchangeable with similar couplings of the same size manufactured by Hansen,Foster, Parker, and others.

Hardened plugs and sleeves along with barstock construction assures long life by providing maximum resistance caused by hydraulic and mechanical shock. High flow capacity is the result of large areas provided for flow through the valves. High pressure seal design and wide selection of seal materials assure reliable sealing. Steel versions feature teflon back up rings. Brass versions feature double o-ring seal. Cylindrical valve with its 360 metal to metal valve stop maintains valve alignment and insures poppets open fully every time. Captive valve seal assures "bubble tight poppet sealing. Durable ball locking mechanism assures reliable connections every time. Broad range of metals and seal materials allow the use of most fluids. Rated Pressures when assembled steel socket and steel plug. 5000 PSI maximum for 1/4" body size, 4000 PSI maximum for 3/8" & 1/2" body size.

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